Control & Recheck

The safety of electrical installations can be established by checking and re-checking:
For each new installation, or after any change of existing installation, an initial audit or corresponding re-examination of it is required, in accordance with the applicable Legislation. These checks must be carried out under the responsibility of a licensed electrician with the legal qualifications.

Also under the applicable Legislation, in order to maintain a safe and lawful installation you must re-checked with positive results in time intervals whose maximum limits are defined by the current Legislation.

Rechecks should be ordered by the owner or user of the facility to a licensed electrician which, as mentioned above, has the legal qualifications.

The results of an initial check or re-check proving that the installation is safe shall be recorded by the electrician who checked it in the Responsible Installer Declaration (IDS).

The YDE must also be signed by the owner or user of the installation and deposited within one year in the Single Register of Electrical Installations. This register shall be kept in the local units of the TENDEI until the procedure for its establishment in the Industry Support Directorate of the General Secretariat for Industry has been completed.